Tommy Nielsen Coaching


​​"When I first met Tommy I was a trail runner but inexperienced in ultras. Over the years we trained together he was instrumental in my progression to longer events and improving my performance. He has always been a great role model and he willingly steps up to a challenge even when he knows it’s not going to be easy, such as when he paced me at Hardrock 100 only 2 weeks after he ran Western States 100.
How would I describe Tom in a few words?
  •       Experienced and talented – just look at his race results
  •       Focused, organized, and a diligent trainer.
  •       Always willing to give advice and assistance, friendly, and basically a top guy.
I would recommend Tom to anyone who has a dream of doing an ultra, to those wanting to improve their performance and even anyone just wanting to start out running.
​​​"               Jonathan Worswick

​​​​"I would like to offer an unqualified endorsement of Coach Tom Nielsen. I have known and run with Tom for over 25 years. I have been blessed to meet a number of top runners in my life and Coach Nielsen may be one of the best runners I have ever had the pleasure to run with. Tom's running accomplishments are amazingly deep and consistent. He is simply one of the top runners in the country. The most impressive statistic is the length of Tom's running career. He has had top performance results for over two decades. Tom's knowledge regarding running and racing is simply unparalleled. He is extraordinarily upbeat and helpful to both his competitors through back of the pack runners. He can help you develop a nutrition, hydration, equipment, training regimen and race strategy. Unlike a lot of top runners who become coaches, Tom continues to perform at a top level and understands how to treat injuries. He is very upbeat, helpful and serious about helping others with their running performance.
If you are serious about your running and want to take it to the next level, engage Coach Tom Nielsen."
​​​​"If you believe a coach is a "model of excellence" then Tom Nielsen is the right coach for improving your running performance. He will expect hard work, perseverance, and trust that the training will pay off in due time because that has been an integral part of his own success. If you are expecting instant gratification and gimmicky training plans and techniques he is not for you. His coaching is based on tried-and-true practices that have led to his own personal successes. Tom is intelligent and personable. You will be comfortable sharing your own running goals with him as you work together to achieve them.​​​​"              ​Scott McKenzie - 1997 USA Track & Field 50K Trail Masters Champion
​​​​"Whether I've expressed it or not, early on in developing my running style I wanted to model myself after your playbook. I still recall running between you and Jorge Pacheco at an AC training run back in 2006 and I felt like a boy amongst his idols. Fast forward many years later, I feel so fortunate to call you a good friend and spend time together in the outdoors... With your 20+ years of legit racing experience, your humble personality and genuine love for the sport, you are the perfect ambassador for not only solid running itself but also the community that makes ultra running so amazing. I know anyone that chooses you as a coach will have access to an intangible wealth of knowledge and be given every opportunity to succeed, whether it be to simply get in better physical shape, complete their first race or improve their training regimen to compete."              Eric Wickland​​
​​​​"I can't think of a person I would rather have coaching me. And this from a person who never had or wanted a coach....Good luck in your new endeavor Tommy! Thank you for always inspiring and sharing your knowledge and experience."             Lorraine Gersitz   
​​​​"Thank you for helping me reach my goal of a sub-30 hour finish at SD 100!!"       See Melanie's photo finish         Melanie Weir  ​​